TFF’s Frugal Roundup: Week Seven

TFF’s Frugal Roundup: Week Seven

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Hello again and welcome to another roundup! In the midst of churning out my own content, I want to be sure to feature some great posts from my favorite bloggers.

I also do not necessarily have a particular “mission” for these posts yet. For now, I will just stick to posts that I find useful, or interesting – or both.

Either way, you can expect to see these somewhere around there end/beginning of the week. ? So, let’s hop to it – here are my favorites from the past week(ish).

1. Why We Chose to Skip an Expensive Wedding

I like this post from Daniella of I Like to Dabble (guest post) because even though I’m not married, I think we need to see more of this. In fact, this is something that’s been at the back of my mind for a while now.

I have written before about how I think it’s silly that people spend so much on weddings. To be frank, I think the whole expensive ordeal is just unnecessary.

When you think about it, the reasons against expensive weddings are so much more powerful than those for it.

Really think about it. Why do we need expensive weddings? Because it’s tradition? Because everyone’s expecting it? Because you want it to be a day you’ll always remember?

Of all of those reasons, the last one is the most important, in my opinion. But why do you have to spend a lot of money to create lasting memories? Say what you will, but memories don’t need to be expensive.

Check out Daniella’s post at Your Money Geek for her reasons to not have an expensive wedding.

2. Compound Interest Examples That Will Blow Your Mind

I may not get as heated over this post from Financial Pilgrimage, but it’s a good reminder. I love writing about investing because of what this very post is about: compound interest.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that compound interest is the single best wealth-building tool we have as middle-class people. I say this because compound interest is almost 100% passive.

Sure, there are plenty of ways to build wealth faster, but all of them require a lot more effort. So it’s important to invest early and often to maximize your return.

Be sure to check out Financial Pilgrimage’s post.

3. Convenience Is Bad for Your Finances and Wellbeing

I have to admit that I do sometimes pay for convenience. Going to restaurants is probably the best example.

I recognize that this is maybe not the best practice for a number of reasons, but I often do it anyway. Ugh.

In this post, Simple Life Compass questions a few of the societal norms of today. So much of what we do is “normal” – but does that make it inherently sensible?

This is not strictly speaking a personal finance post, but it’s very powerful in concept. Plus, so much of how we spend money today is influenced by these societal norms.

I highly recommend checking out Simple Life Compass’s post.

I hope you have enjoyed another edition of TFF’s Frugal Roundup. Let me know if you enjoy these posts – and if there’s anything you would like to see going forward!

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