TFF’s Frugal Roundup: Week Five

TFF’s Frugal Roundup: Week Five

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Hey all. I know I haven’t quite stuck to regularly posting roundups as I had hoped to do. I’m hoping that at this point, I can really get back into the swing of things.

As I always say, there is just such a massive amount of content out there and it can be really hard to keep up. Hopefully, you find it useful having me pick out posts I find particularly interesting.

With that said, here are your posts for week five!

1. Leaky Wallet Syndrome – 7 Ways to Cure Your Illness

I enjoyed this post from Dr. Breathe Easy Finance because it gives an interesting perspective on people’s financial woes.

In particular, he talks about how people with this syndrome feel the need to spend every last dollar they earn. So, even if they have high incomes, they still find themselves financially strained.

I find this very interesting not just because I am so much the opposite, but also because weirdly, I can kind of understand it. I can’t quite explain it but I guess it’s just out culture.

Our culture teaches us to spend, spend spend! In reality, we’d all be better off if we saved more.

2. 100 Money Quotes to Keep You Wildly Motivated

I like this post from Debt and Cupcakes because it’s a little different. Rather than your typical post about investing or travel hacking, it gives you a ton of quotes that can help you think a little differently.

And, of course, get motivated as well. Sometimes money challenges can be tough to control, but doing our best to control them always helps!

3. Our Shared Ongoing Battle To Not Buy A Tesla

Normally when I include posts in my roundups, they are posts from bloggers I have engaged with at least a decent bit.

Well, this post is from Mr. Money Mustache and unfortunately, I can’t say I have personally interacted with him. I’m not cool enough…yet. 😉

However, I decided to include this post anyway because I can’t tell you the number of times I have dreamed about owning a Tesla.

As some of you already know, I opted for a plug-in hybrid instead because Teslas are just too impossible for me to justify at this point financially.

In this post, Pete (MMM’s real first name, if you didn’t know) doesn’t just say he’s thought about buying a Tesla, though. He talks about how delaying these purchases will allow his money to stay invested longer, for example.

This brings a very important larger point about how living in the moment can really hurt us financially. Unfortunately, many people only live in the moment and aren’t thinking weeks, months, and years into the future. However, doing so is critical to long-term financial success.

That is, unless you happen to inherit millions of dollars from an ultra-rich parent. I certainly didn’t, though.

I hope you have found this useful – I think the above posts are some of the best I came across this week.

Thanks for stopping by for yet another roundup. Catch you next week!

Hey there. My name is Bob Haegele and I blog about personal finance here at The Frugal Fellow. I’m also an alternative energy and EV enthusiast and have recently become semi-vegetarian. Another thing I started doing recently? Dog walking. I’m now doing that as a side hustle and loving it! I’m now working toward financial independence making money via my own ventures. If you’d like to work together, send me an email.


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