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Whilst perusing the interwebs for new topic ideas, I came across this one: I hadn’t really heard of it, so I wondered if it was legit. In this review, we’ll find out whether this survey site is worth your time.

What is is a survey site that pays you for completing surveys and offers. There are other ways to earn, too, such as videos and paid trials. also stands out amongst the crowded field of survey sites because it has a rather low minimum payout of $1. Not only that but they claim you can get paid within 24 hours which, again, is a very quick turnaround for cash payouts.

The site has been around since 2012 and has paid out over $3 million to its users in that time period. That is a pretty hefty amount since it means they are paying out well over $300,000 per year. is a subsidiary of Ventures, Ltd – a company based in London.

Ways to Earn on

Points are worth 1 cent each – much the same as other survey sites. That means you only need to earn 100 points to be eligible to cash out.

You do get 20 cents for joining – obviously not much, but it’s something, I guess.

Although doesn’t have quite as many ways to earn points as, say, Swagbucks, it nevertheless has lots of ways to earn.

There are surveys, paid trials, offers, watching videos, and more. We’ll cover all the different ways to earn in this section.

I must admit that the site design is a bit dated. Although the company was established in 2012, it honestly looks like the site was created before that. But I digress.

Taking Surveys on

Yes, like many sites out there, taking surveys on is one of the easiest ways to earn points. But what is the experience like, and is it worth doing?

When you click Paid Surveys, you’ll be taken to a huge list of paid survey categories – perhaps too many.

I wanted to get a snippet of all the categories of surveys – and they just barely fit on my screen – with it zoomed out to 67%!

As I peruse the different surveys available on the site, it seems most of them are somewhere around $1. It turns out that this is about right, as survey earnings are usually between 50 cents and $1.50.

They also say surveys take 5-20 minutes on average. So, if surveys take you an average of 6 minutes to complete, and you earn a dollar on average, you would be making $6 per hour.

Not great I suppose, but then again, hourly earnings usually aren’t that high for paid surveys. On the bright side, remember that you can cash out as soon as you hit $1.

Watching Videos

The way you find videos isn’t incredibly obvious at first. There isn’t a separate menu item for it. Instead, you can find them tucked away under “Offer Walls.”

One of the sections I checked (Videolab) had no videos. However, I was able to find videos to watch under Engage Videos:

Note that these offers redirect you to an outside site and several of them will not be redeemable unless you create an account on the other site, too. Not the most convenient, but I would guess this is to prevent abuse/bot spam.

This point totals are unfortunately quite low, though. They aren’t really worth your time unless the video is something you want to watch anyway.

In a way, that makes sense since you aren’t providing your valuable market insights. But, still, it would be nice to see slightly higher point totals.

Completing Offers

There are several types of paid offers you can complete on; technically, watching videos is part of its offer walls.

In the offers section, you’ll see things like clicking ads, installing apps, or even playing games. Some of the offers link to whole other sites, like Survey Junkie – another site that pays you for taking surveys.

But if you need more paid surveys, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

Cash Contests

Once per quarter, gives away a cash prize to the top 20 users in terms of earnings. Cash prizes are not always the same, but they are usually $1,000 or $2,000, divided between the top 20.

The first-place prize is $350 or $700 depending on whether the giveaway is for $1,000 or $2,000. Not a bad prize! Of course, being the #1 user would be no small feat.

In fact, the first-place user usually has $4,000 in earnings – or more – every quarter. You’ll have to get clicking if you want to stand a chance!

Payment Proof

Apparently, doesn’t have confidence in people’s likelihood to have confidence in them.

Why? Because you can actually get a small compensation ($1) for posting proof of your payment online.

That’s right: just post the email receipt that sends you after you get paid. Where do you post it? According to the FAQ, you simply have to post it on any forum online outside of their website.

They say that you must start a new thread (no existing threads) and you must add a banner as well. Once everything is validated, you’ll be compensated within 24 hours. Promo Codes

Another way you can earn a bit on this survey site is with promo codes. Superpayme post promo codes on their social media accounts – usually on Facebook and Twitter.

All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the promo code section of the site to claim your reward, as seen here:

These are quite small – the last one, from a few days ago, was just 15 cents.

So, obviously not much, but it takes almost no time, so I suppose it’s worth doing if you happen to see one posted. Referrals

The last way to earn a small bonus from Superpayme is by earning referrals. A referral is when someone joins the site using your referral code.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, you earn 20 cents for joining Superpayme as a new member. The referral bonus is 20 cents as well, so you and your friend will both earn 20 cents if they join the site.

Again, it’s not much, but I suppose these can add up over time.

Is Legit?

It is legit in the sense that you aren’t likely to get scammed or have your identity stolen or anything like that. Still, I would be cautious with any redirects where you are sent to another site.

This does happen, and it can be difficult to enforce what other sites are doing.

As far as Superpayme, the earnings aren’t much, and you certainly aren’t going to get rich from this site. As mentioned earlier, the person who is the #1 earner on this site usually makes about $4,000 on it every quarter.

So that is 3 months of earnings for the top earner for the entire site. But I suppose it’s not bad as long as you know what to expect going in.

Where is Superpayme Available?

Although the company is based in London, England, they don’t put any restrictions on who is eligible to join. In other words, you can join regardless of where you are located.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection and are able to connect the site (particularly for watching videos), then your location isn’t relevant. Anyone is eligible to join. Review: The Verdict

I would call this survey site…pretty good. There are a decent number of surveys available and a lot of different offers and ways to earn. In addition the payout threshold is quite low at just $1.

However, the earnings are a bit low on a per-survey basis; plus, their website has an outdated design and the menus are a bit bloated.

Overall, this is a decent option to consider if you are in need of another survey site.

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