Starbucks Happy Hour: How Does it Work?

Starbucks Happy Hour: How Does it Work?

Last updated February 11th, 2020.

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Starbucks Happy Hour allows you to buy one, get one of your drink of choice (grande or larger). Happy Hour is usually on Thursdays and lasts from 2-7 p.m.

What is Starbucks Happy Hour?

There’s no magic or secret to it, really. Starbucks Happy Hour is just a special promotion that Starbucks runs periodically. In doing so, the company hopes to get more people in the store, generate some buzz, and, of course, word-of-mouth advertising.

Starbucks has been running Happy Hours since 2010, and for most of its history, it mostly focused on free Frapuccino drinks. Note that this link also mentions 50% off, so there can be different deals at different times.

As the link above indicates, however, you can now buy one, get one of many more drinks than just Frapuccinos. Since 2018, you have also been able to get espresso, tea, and other drinks, as well.

Not that although I mentioned 2-7 p.m., in some cases, Happy Hour might run from 3 p.m. to close, or some other hours variation. In any case, even the exact hours can vary.

Is Starbucks Happy Hour Today?

Is today Thursday? If so…maybe? The truth is, we really don’t know far in advance when exactly Happy Hour will be.

As mentioned above, they usually happen on Thursdays, but it’s not like they happen every Thursday or the third Thursday of the month or something.

Instead, it’s just kind of random.

Since there’s no way set-in-stone schedule for Happy Hour, the best thing you can do is either download the mobile app or opt into Starbucks’s mailing list.

When you do that, you’ll get notifications ahead of time telling you when Happy Hour will be. It won’t be super far in advance, but you’ll still know ahead of time.

Does Starbucks Happy Hour Work at Target?

When I first saw this question, I was like, “yeah, right.” I’m pretty sure I have tried to use my Starbucks card at Target locations in the past, and it didn’t work.

So, Happy Hour seemed like a stretch.

However, I took to the interwebs to find that, in fact, this is a thing that happens.

Of course, there still isn’t a set schedule, so you will probably have to ask at the location close to you whether they participate. Can’t hurt to ask, right?

Does Starbucks Happy Hour Include Refreshers?

Okay, so for this one, I couldn’t find much information. My assumption is that, given that it isn’t mentioned anywhere, this one is probably a negative.

I intend to ask about this at a Starbucks and report back my findings, but for now, I’m going to suggest you do the same if you’re hoping to get some BOGO Refreshers.

Sorry I can’t be of more help right now!

When Is Starbucks Happy Hour in 2020?

When is Starbucks Happy Hour in 2020? Whenever Starbucks says it is!

If you’ve been reading this entire post, you already know this, but there is no definite schedule for Happy Hours. Basically, Starbucks announces them shortly before they happen on the app and usually to their mailing list.

Be sure you’re in the loop to find out when they are coming up!

Are Starbucks Happy Hour Cards Real?

In a word, no. Is that decisive enough for you?

To be honest, I hadn’t even really heard about this but stumbled across it when doing some research. But indeed, they aren’t real.

Snopes confirmed this with their fact-checking.

It makes sense, too, because there is no card required for Happy Hour. You don’t even have to have a Starbucks card (though I always recommend it when going to Starbucks!)

So, yeah. If you hear something about a Starbucks Happy Hour card, run away. Quickly. It’s a scam, folks.

Starbucks Happy Hour: Conclusion

Starbucks Happy Hour is a pretty nice way to get a little extra bang for your buck. On select Thursdays, Starbucks will let you buy one, get one of your favorite drink.

Note that the drink must be a grande or larger – you can’t order a tall and get one free. Still, this is a pretty nice deal considering the fact that most larger Starbucks drinks will run you in the $4-6 range.

Being able to get one of them for free is not a bad deal at all!

Have you been to Happy Hour lately? What’s your favorite thing to get?

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