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35 Exciting Part-Time Weekend Jobs to Make Money Fast

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With so many items seemingly unaffordable these days, many people are taking second jobs. Even though inflation has slowed in recent months, people are still taking extra jobs to keep up. For instance, according to one survey, nearly half of Gen Z has a side job.

One way to make extra money is with part-time weekend jobs.

Of course, you may not want to give up your weekend, as it might be one of the few times you can do things you enjoy. But again, with things getting so expensive these days, it might become a necessity.

But instead of surrendering your entire existence to the grind of working, why not consider a part-time weekend job? This way, you don’t have to work quite so many hours. Plus, some of these jobs might allow you to set your own schedule.

For instance, I’ve tried lots of ways to make extra money on the side:

Of course, I also started a blog (this one!) to make extra money. Between my freelance writing and all my money-making ventures, I’m able to earn well over six figures, all while working from home.

If you can’t wait to start earning an income, you could also try some jobs that pay daily.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in a weekend employment opportunity, work-from-home jobs are a great place to get started.

Either way, you have no shortage of options if you want to start making money. Now, let’s dig into the best part-time weekend jobs to make money.

Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs to Make Money

Only have time to work over the weekend? No worries, because there are plenty of jobs available you can do on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

There are plenty of part-time jobs you can do on the weekends — from side hustles to selling stuff on eBay.

Let’s take a look at some of the best part-time weekend jobs to make extra money. To help you find the right job, we’ll break these into categories.

Customer Service

1. Retail Sales Associate

This job doesn’t require any previous training or experience, and it’s one you can do part-time on the weekends. It involves working in stores or shopping malls and helping customers with questions or purchases.

Other job duties include ensuring the store is adequately stocked and helping customers with sales and returns. They may also include greeting customers as they arrive.

These jobs generally don’t require previous experience. Although previous experience can help, you’re likely a good candidate as long as you are motivated and dependable.

2. Waiter/Waitress

Bars and restaurants are usually the busiest on nights and weekends, making this a perfect part-time weekend job. Waiters and waitresses serve food and drinks to customers at bars, restaurants, and cafes.

If you can adapt to a high-paced environment and have great people skills, this might be the job for you.

Remember that waiters/waitresses tend to rely on tips, so how much you make can depend on the location. In addition, the pay can vary based on special events.

Still, this job doesn’t require previous experience and is easy to pick up on this side.

3. Bartender

Bartending requires a lot of the same skills as being a waiter/waitress but generally focuses on serving alcoholic beverages. For this job, you usually work at bars or nightclubs.

Again, these places are usually the busiest on nights and weekends, making it a great part-time weekend job. If you enjoy serving/mixing drinks, this can be a great time to pick up on the job, as it requires no previous experience.

4. Customer Service Representative

This job involves providing support and assistance to customers over the phone or online. Since so many companies have customer support lines and chat built into their websites, there is a lot of demand for this job.

Again, no previous experience is needed. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly wage for customer service representatives was $18.16 as of May 2022.

Given that this job pays reasonably well and can be done from home, it’s a great way to get started with a part-time job.

5. Receptionist

As a receptionist, you might work at the front desk of a business, greeting and assisting visitors. In addition, your responsibilities might include helping guests navigate the office and providing refreshments for them while they wait.

These are some of the most common responsibilities, but of course, every business is different. What you will have to do may vary.

Still, this is a great part-time weekend job because it requires no specific experience. All you need is people skills and a willingness to learn.

Active & Service-Oriented

6. Delivery Driver

Many types of delivery driver jobs are available these days. You can deliver food for a restaurant, deliver for an app like Postmates or Uber Eats, or deliver for Amazon, just to name a few examples.

Working for Amazon from home can be a great part-time weekend job.

No matter what kind of delivery job you choose, your job will be to make deliveries on time and in a courteous fashion. That means no delivering stuff like this guy.

Depending on where you live, delivery drivers can make a decent wage. For instance, in Chicago, IL, the average wage is $22.68, according to Indeed.

Of course, you will need a driver’s license and possibly a car, depending on the job. If that isn’t a problem, this could be the right part-time weekend job for you!

7. Ride-Sharing Driver

Driving for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft can be a great part-time weekend job. With these jobs, you can set your own hours and work the schedule you want.

To work for a ride-sharing service, you will need to meet the minimum requirements. For instance, Uber requires you to:

  • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
  • Have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the US (3 years if you are under 25 years old)
  • An in-state license is required
  • Use an eligible 4-door vehicle

You might be wondering If you have an eligible vehicle. Fortunately, Uber maintains a list of eligible vehicles on its website. Note that vehicles are by city and by service (UberX, UberXL, etc.).

However, earnings with Uber and Lyft can be very dependent on where you live. In some cities, you could make upwards of $20 per hour, while it could be closer to $10 in others. Research earnings for Uber/Lyft drivers in your city before getting started.

8. Babysitter

Babysitting is nothing new. People want to go out, and having their baby with them would be very inconvenient, if not impossible, in some cases.

The good news is this opens up a great part-time weekend job. Again, nights and weekends are when there is the most demand for this job.

Depending on the age of the child, your responsibilities when babysitting might include feeding, changing diapers, and putting the baby down for the night. Of course, it helps if you’re good with kids — and patient with them, too.

Unfortunately, the pay for babysitting isn’t as high as it seems it should be. Where I live, the top earners get $22 per hour, and the average is $15 per hour. Still, it could be worth doing if you enjoy taking care of babies.

9. Event Staff

As an event staff person, you’ll assist with events like concerts, sports games, or conferences.

In this job, you’ll do things like greet guests, give directions, take tickets, facilitate parking, and keep the space clean. Some event staff might also serve food and beverages or decorate tables.

If you live in a big city, working as an event staff person could be a great part-time weekend job. For the responsibilities mentioned here, you likely won’t need many qualifications or previous experience.

There can be a wide range of pay for this job, too. The salary can be nearly $100,000 per year or as low as about $22,000 per year. Pay may vary widely depending on where you live, so it’s worth looking into the salaries in your area.

10. Fitness Instructor

Conducting fitness classes or personal training sessions.

Fitness trainers and instructors can have several responsibilities, including demonstrating or explaining how to perform exercises and routines to improve fitness. Part of their goal is to help minimize injuries.

Fitness instructors also monitor their clients and ensure they are doing exercises properly. If not, they can provide instructions to help correct the client’s technique.

The national average wage for fitness instructors is $31 per hour. However, some make over $50 per hour.

11. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Pet owners also go out of town sometimes, which means they need someone to watch their pets. Others work during the day and just need someone to walk their dog while they’re gone.

I did dog sitting and dog walking myself for a while, mostly through Rover. I love dogs, so it was a great gig for me.

Plus, I was able to do my freelance writing while caring for people’s furry family members.

Most of the time, I didn’t make a ton — $40 per night for sitting and $25 per walk. But again, if you can combine it with a remote job, it can be a great gig.

12. Cleaner

Cleaning homes and offices isn’t the most glamorous gig, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t worth doing. Places need cleaning, and this is a job you can easily do without experience.

As far as what you would actually be doing, expect to do things like sweep, mop, vacuum, empty trash, high and low dusting, and changing linen. Of course, the exact responsibilities depend on the type of job.

Generally, cleaners don’t make a ton — typically, around $15. Still, given that you don’t need a degree, it could be a good side job to pick up on the weekends.

13. Gardener/Landscaper

As a gardener or landscaper, it will be your job to maintain gardens or yards. This might include mowing lawns, raking, trimming, pruning, and weeding. The goal is to keep them looking their best.

Other tasks might include watering plants and adding fertilizer as needed. You might also need to use heavier equipment, like tractors and mowers. You may also have to lift up to 50 pounds.

Needless to say, this job is best for those who are physically capable. But if you feel up to the task, it could be a great part-time weekend job.

For this job, the average wage is around $15 per hour. Again, this isn’t too bad for a job that doesn’t require a degree.

14. Security Guard

As a security guard, it’s your job to keep places safe.

To do this, you will need to protect the property, enforce rules, and deter criminal activity.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, some security guards have stationery positions where they monitor alarms and security cameras. Or, you might have to conduct security checks around the premises.

While this job could be dangerous, it’s likely uneventful most of the time. Security guards tend to make a little more than other jobs on this list — around $16 per hour on average, with some making up to $30 per hour.

15. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you lead tours at museums, historical sites, or tourist attractions.

This includes not only guiding people on their route through the site but also providing history and other useful tidbits.

Working as a tour guide can be a great way to meet new people, travel, and share experiences with people. You can also learn a ton!

The wage for tour guides can vary a lot for tour guides — between $14 and $44 per hour, according to Indeed. However, the average is nearly $25 per hour nationally, making this a good way to make extra money.

16. Outdoor Adventure Guide

Leading hikes, kayak tours, or other outdoor activities for tourists or enthusiasts can combine your love of nature with extra income.

Working as an outdoor adventure guide is similar to being a tour guide but has more of a focus on outdoor activities. These might include hikes, kayak tours, or other outdoor activities for tourists or enthusiasts.

The great thing about this part-time weekend job is it can combine your love of nature with the possibility of making extra income.

The average wage for this job isn’t as high — about $15 to $16 per hour. However, it might still be worth considering if you find it enjoyable.

17. Massage Therapist/Esthetician

As a massage therapist, you provide relaxation and wellness services part-time. Generally, you work at a spa or mobile business.

Massage therapists treat clients’ soft tissues and joints to treat injuries and promote wellness. They might use their hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, and even their feet during sessions.

Why yes, I did say their feet.

This part-time weekend job offers flexible hours and is perfect if you enjoy providing personal care to people.

This job can also have a wide range of salary, with average wages between $28 and $70 per hour.

18. Event Planner

This job involves organizing events on weekends. You typically work at an office or onsite at hotels or convention centers.

As an event planner, you ensure meetings and events are well-planned, organized, and executed. You could also plan weddings, product launches, seminars, and other events.

This can be a creative and social outlet while earning extra income.

While this is not an easy job, it can pay quite well — about $35 on average.

19. Pet Photographer/Pet Stylist

If you have a talent for capturing furry friends or know your way around grooming, this service could be a hit with pet owners. The key is to capture each pet’s personality, character, and unique traits.

It might be difficult to turn it into a full-time gig, but that’s why it’s perfect as a part-time weekend job.

Pet photographers can be paid pretty well, too, with the top earners making $76,230 where I live. Even the average pay is decent, coming in at $58,691.

Time to dust off your camera and start snapping!

Creative & Tech-Savvy

20. Freelance Writer/Editor

This job involves writing or editing content for websites, magazines, or businesses.

As I mentioned earlier, freelance writing is something I personally do — and have been since 2018. It’s not always easy, but it’s a great way to make extra money or even a full-time income.

I will say that networking is key if you want to be a freelance writer or editor. Other writers and editors can be a great resource, not only for referrals but also for learning the tricks of the trade.

Frankly, I’m not sure why more people don’t do freelance writing. Since I started, I’ve built a six-figure writing career, and some freelance writers make much more than I do.

Let me know if you have any questions about this one. I’d be happy to answer them!

21. Photographer

Doing photography for events, portraits, or stock photos.

Working as a photographer can take many forms. For instance, you might do photography for events, take portraits, or create stock photos.

Photographers use their technical expertise, composition skills, and creativity to take the perfect shot. Being a photographer is about telling a story.

However, photographers can have one of the widest pay ranges on this list. According to Indeed, they can make anywhere from $8.40 to $67.20 per hour.

22. Social Media Manager

Working as a social media manager involves managing social media accounts for businesses or individuals. This could involve working with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, or wherever the client wants to promote their business.

Generally, the goal is to increase metrics like followers, engagement, and click-throughs. You might also be tasked with reviewing analytics and communicating with company stakeholders.

This can be a great part-time weekend job and doesn’t necessarily require a degree, though a degree in marketing might help you stand out.

Social media managers can make decent money, with a median salary of $57,754, according to Indeed. If you love social media, this could be the ideal gig for you.

23. Musician/DJ

Musicians and DJs typically put on performances at events, bars, or other venues. Their purpose is to keep guests entertained, stay longer, and, let’s be honest — spend more money.

Of course, while these jobs are related, they aren’t the same. For instance, DJs, use a controller, turntables, or CDJs to cue up, combine, and play songs for guests.

Conversely, musicians play instruments on their own or in a group.

For both DJs and musicians, pay can vary widely. For instance, according to ZipRecruiter, DJs in Washington make an average wage of $26.66, but just $15.96 in Florida.

DJs fare better, with ZipRecruiter reporting an average wage of $41 per hour. DJing might require more equipment, though perhaps less equipment than it used to.

Many DJs use little more than a laptop, so this could be a better gig. But again, it depends on where you live and the situation.

24. Online Course Creator

It used to be that people did most of their learning at traditional institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. But with the advent of the internet, you can learn almost anything online.

And you can contribute to the learning economy by creating online courses. You can do this if you have specialized knowledge or skills in a topic people want to learn about.

If that sounds like you, then you can create and sell online courses. This can be a rewarding way to generate income on your own terms.

And it can be a great part-time weekend job.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary is $82,499, with the top earners making $96,500.

Skill-Based & Professional

25. Tutor

Providing academic help in subjects you are knowledgeable about.

If you like helping people directly, working as a tutor could be an excellent part-time weekend job. With this job, you provide academic help in subjects you are knowledgeable about.

For instance, this might include subjects like math, science, or English.

Academic tutors can make great money — where I live, the average salary is $63,601, but the top earners make $116,282. If you were good in school, this might be the gig for you.

26. Library Assistant

Library assistants and technicians help shelve and organize library materials, assist patrons, and do clerical and administrative tasks.

While library technicians typically need a postsecondary degree, library assistants usually only need a high school degree or equivalent, combined with short-term on-the-job training.

Despite only needing a high school degree, library assistants can earn decent pay, with a national average wage of $16.54.

27. Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist

Providing beauty services on a freelance basis.

Hair stylists and makeup artists provide beauty services to clients. You can do this job on a freelance basis, allowing you to work part-time on the weekends and set your own hours.

With these jobs, you’ll do things like cut, style, and color hair, as well as apply makeup and techniques to enhance the client’s appearance.

In most cases, these jobs may require licensing, so check your state’s regulations.

The average wage for these jobs can vary widely. For instance, according to Indeed, makeup artists make an average of $84.97 per hour, while they make just $10.34 per hour in Arkansas.

28. Barista

Baristas make and serve beverages such as coffee, tea, and specialty beverages, usually at coffee shops or cafes. They are also responsible for taking orders and payments.

These workers typically have in-depth knowledge of different types of coffee and teas from different regions. Of course, providing great customer service is also important!

It’s worth noting that companies like Starbucks provide benefits to baristas, including medical, vision, and dental plans.

The average wage for baristas is $14.94 in the United States, but it can be higher depending on where you live.

29. Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors generally conduct yoga classes in studios or as private instructors. They provide instruction on various stretching poses and meditation and promote overall well-being.

You could do this job in various settings, including everything from working at a yoga studio to providing private online instruction.

If you love yoga, this might be the perfect part-time weekend job. Depending on where you live and your level of experience, you could make anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000 for this job.

30. Market Research Participant

As a market research participant, you do things like join focus groups or complete surveys for market research studies.

The idea behind this job is to provide your opinions and consumer insights to help companies make better products and decisions. As a result, you might answer questions about yourself and your habits as a consumer.

This is a good part-time weekend job because it doesn’t require any specific training, knowledge, or skills. In addition, there is no specific schedule or hours for this job.

The pay for this job can be decent if you participate in focus groups — typically $50 – $150 per hour-long session.

31. Web Developer/Designer

If you have coding skills or an eye for design, building websites or creating graphic elements for small businesses and individuals can be a lucrative and flexible weekend gig.

Almost every business needs a website these days, so there is plenty of demand.

And these days,  you don’t need much if any knowledge of coding to do this job. Page builders like Elementor allow you to create web pages with a drag-and-drop approach.

According to Indeed, The average wage for web designers is $25.48 per hour.

32. Podcaster/Blogger

As a podcaster or blogger, you share your expertise or passion for a particular subject with your audience.

In either case, it can take time to build a real following. But this gig can eventually lead to monetization, especially if your message resonates with your audience.

You can have a blog or podcast about almost any topic. However, popular examples include fashion, travel, lifestyle, finance, fitness, food, and many more.

How much bloggers and podcasters make can be difficult to pin down, as the earnings can be all over the place. In the very beginning, you might make next to nothing, but some can make more than $100,000 per year. It depends on your dedication and whether you can gain a serious following.`

33. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant (VA), you offer administrative, technical, or creative support to busy professionals remotely. This could include things like scheduling meetings, responding to emails, doing research and fact-checking, or even managing social media.

Many businesses and professionals need virtual assistants, as they don’t have time to do these tasks themselves. As a result, this can be a great way part-time weekend job that leverages your skills and lets you set your own hours.

The typical wage range for VAs is $16-$39 per hour.

34. Online Language Tutor

If you’re fluent in another language, teaching online offers flexible scheduling and the ability to connect with students worldwide.

For instance, there is still a lot of demand for learning English, especially in places like Asia. If you are fluent in a language like Mandarin Chinese in addition to English, you would likely be a great candidate for this part-time weekend job.

According to the International TEFL Academy, the average wage for ESL classes is $10-$20 per hour. However, TEFL has incentive programs that could allow you to earn more.

35. Data Entry Specialist

As a data entry specialist, you work with data remotely for companies. This can be an option if you’re detail-oriented and enjoy organizing information.

At this job, you might enter information from handwritten or physical records into a computer system. These records might include bills, reports, medical records, or canceled checks.

This job can offer flexibility and allow you to set your own hours. According to Indeed, the average wage for this job is $18.23 per hour, making it a decent way to make extra money.

Pros and Cons of Part-time Weekend Jobs

Part-time weekend jobs can have several pros and cons. Here are a few to consider:


  • Earn extra income: These jobs let you earn extra money without giving up your current income.
  • Gain work experience and skills: These jobs let you do something different from your main job, letting you gain additional experience and skills.
  • Flexibility: Several of these jobs let you set your own hours. That lets you work only when you want, balancing them with your other job or studies.
  • Networking: Part-time weekend jobs allow you to network and meet new people, many of whom may be outside your normal network.


  • Work-life balance: Working an extra job in addition to your main job can make it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Stress: Working more with longer hours can cause fatigue and stress.
  • Job security and stability: Job security can be low in part-time roles, offering less job security than you might like.

How to Find a Part-time Weekend Job

Finding a part-time weekend job can be similar to finding a full-time role. Chances are, there isn’t a single place you will use to find your next part-time gig.

For instance, you may want to use online job boards as well as local community job boards, if you have any in your area. And don’t forget networking — talking to people and building relationships can be one of the best ways to find your next opportunity.

Remember to tailor your resume and cover letter to the job for which you are applying. This means updating each to match the job description and highlighting relevant experience and skills.

If you manage to land an interview, you should prepare for it by understanding the job requirements, researching the company, and preparing to highlight your relevant skills and experience.

Remember to follow up after interviews, thanking the interviewer for a chance to meet.

If you get an offer, make sure to negotiate hours and pay if possible to get the best arrangement for you. Remember, the answer is always no if you don’t ask.

Bottom Line

Part-time weekend jobs give you the chance to earn more money while working flexible hours. You can work a job that leverages your skills and experience from your full-time position or you can do something completely different.

The best part is that it’s up to you. These jobs let you set your own hours. However, working two jobs can be stressful and make it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Be sure to put yourself first and don’t be afraid to walk away if things become too much. You can always jump back in later when the time is right.

Until then, happy job hunting!

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